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Lily Murasaki
• 7/23/2013

Which Shakespeare's characters do Aika, Yoshino & Mahiro represent?

It is said in the trivias that Yoshino represents Horatio, Mahiro represents Hamlet and Aika represents Sycorax. However, in my opinion, I think that it is more likely that Yoshino represents Hamlet, Aika represents Ophelia, who Hamlet loves (and died), and Mahiro represents Laetus, who is Ophelia's brother (and later kills Hamlet, blaming the prince to be the cause of Ophelia's death). I am quite confused, so I hope someone can explain it for me.

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Lily Murasaki
• 7/25/2013

The trivia was based on the Wikipedia page for Zetsuen no Tempest. 

Yoshino, Mahiro and Aika include allusion to the mentioned characters. They just have similarities to these Shakespearean characters, but they are not fully based on them. Besides, the author of the manga was inspired by both Hamlet and The Tempest, that's why, for example, Aika can be an allusion to both Sycorax, a dead character who has a major influence on the current story, and Ophelia, whose brother gets obsessed with the idea of avenging her death.

Mahiro includes allusions to Hamlet because he is ready to abandon all morals for revenge. Your opinion of him being an allusion to Laetus is also suitable.

As for Yoshino, well he isn't driven by a desire for revenge, that's why he is associated with Horatio rather than Hamlet himself. That's why his characters seems to be based on Horatio, the protagonist's closest friend. As for his relationship with Aika, this seems to be an allusion to Romeo.

So, it's a matter of interpretation. Still, you can add the Shakespearean characters you think they include allusion to. as long as you explain why and don't delete the rest of the content, it should be alright :)

• 7/26/2013

Thank you very much :)

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