List of characters from the manga and anime series Zetsuen no Tempest.

Main Characters

Main Characters
Yoshino Takigawa Mahiro Fuwa Hakaze Kusaribe
Yoshino Takigawa Mahiro Fuwa Hakaze Kusaribe

Kusaribe Clan

Kusaribe Clan
Samon Kusaribe Natsumura Kusaribe Hoshimura
Samon Kusaribe Natsumura Kusaribe Junichirou Hoshimura
Tetsuma Kusaribe


Evangeline Yamamoto Takumi
Evangeline Yamamoto Hayakawa Takumi

Tree of Zetsuen

Magicians of Zetsuen
Aika Fuwa Megumu
Aika Fuwa Megumu Hanemura

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